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cara delevingne! with animated hair!
water off a duck’s back. water off a duck’s back. water off a duck’s back.
I hadn’t drawn nicki minaj in a while, so I thought I’d try a more serious portrait of her today.  but i jusssst couldn’t help myself hahaha
we didn’t discuss this in the pre-interview!
betty francis is back!
hey girl!
emma watson!
rediscovering electra heart for spring!
jennifer lawrence, silver linings playbook!
lana del rey, luxx magazine
hey everyone! sorry for the lack of posts this week- busy at a new job! anyway, here’s an adorable logan lerman to kick off your weekend! xoxo
cara delevingne
as long as i got my suit and tie!


by William Reiss

you will walk walk again, fashion baby! get better gaga! <3